CFJ Conversations: Mark and Kolsas talk about the rise of Ape Gang NFT

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3 min readNov 3, 2022

On 23rd October, our team organized an hour-long Twitter Spaces session to host Mark, the executive manager, and Kolsas, the community manager of the Ape Gang NFT. Our CEO Kishor (aka @madforcryptos) jovially interacted with the guests and touched upon their complete journey.

Since the time Kolsas aped-into (the funky term used for joining the Ape NFT gang) the community, the project has released 3 full-fledged collections and an immersive P2E NFT game.

When asked about how he became part of the Web3 space, Kolsas said,

“I used to follow people on Twitter. I witnessed the potential in crypto and constantly looked at the innovative use-cases. In 2021, during the peak bull-run, my eyes shifted to the NFT niche and I’ve been a part of it since.”

Mark, on being asked the same question, said,

“My brother got me into NFTs. He had passion for the whole space and simultaneously, I aped-in! It was sort of an accident but now I enjoy it everyday.”

What makes Ape Gang unique?

Founded by Jokong and Rikong — two friends from France who studied together and dreamt of building an unprecedented space for thrill and fun. The formidable duo had been part of the space since the advent of crypto. They created the Ape NFT Gang, an OG community, using their technical and marketing skills.

A diverse range of utilities, a well-rounded ecosystem and the commitment to perform on its objectives make Ape NFT Gang stand out of the crowd.

On being asked, the community representatives said, “The Pixel art makes us unique. We have mastered it over the years and though we see many attempting to match our designs, it’s hard for them to come close.”

A close-knit community

Spread out predominantly in the USA and Europe, the Ape Gang community is currently stretching itself in the South Asian region. So far the community outreach has been organic and NFT enthusiasts have been aping-into the community on their own.

During one instance, Kishor enquired about the community culture. To which Mark replied: “It is a culture of friendly banter. Like budding apes, our community members fight and compete in contests to prove their might. However, it’s all done in a fun spirit.”

The road ahead

The biggest lessons for Mark and Kolsas has been to avoid roadmap blockers, steer clear of the noise surrounding the space and to keep on building the community against all odds.

The last question put forward by Kishor was, “Why Ape Gang?” To which Kolsas gave a confident, straightforward answer: “We are the OGs. Our timing wa right. Our community started building way before anyone thought Pixel Art NFTs could even be a thing. And the reason we’ve grown so far is that we avoided the hype and stayed committed to creating value for our members and the overall NFT space.”

A year from now, the community sees itself as well-established, partnered with the major brands in the NFT space and committed to building further.

Want to know more about Ape Gang NFT? Check out their official website.

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