ETH Vietnam: Future comes to the South

The Halls that make you go ‘Hurrayyyyy!’

At the venue, you will witness many special halls, each dedicated to a specific range of activities.

  • The Install Hall: This is where all the exhibitions and installations will be placed. You can check out amazing Web3 products, ranging from metaverse, DeFi, infra and more.
  • The BUIDL Hall: This is where you might find the largest crowd during the event. It is the Buidlathon event space. You can participate in both online as well as on-site Buidlathon competitions.
  • The Chill Hall: If you are a party animal, this is where you will likely find yourself spending the most time. Here, you are in for an open bar, F&B booths, live music, DJ and a lot more!

Ideas that will build the Future

100+ renowned speakers from Ethereum Foundation, Polygon, Axie Infinity, AWS, YGG will be sharing their ideas and talking about the technologies they are developing right now. If you are someone who thinks of Web3 as the bridge to the Future, then these are the architects of that bridge.

Perks of being a Sponsor

You can be a volunteer, media partner, guest speaker, workshop presenter — but the host of benefits you get as a sponsor is unbeatable.

  1. Connect with builders and spot early-stage startups with potential investment opportunities.
  2. Join the accelerator ecosystems and expand your network with VCs from all over the world.
  3. Further build your presence in the Web3.0 community and get the much-needed boost to turn your project into a leading brand.

The 3-day Plan

Eager to know how things will pan out during the three days? Below is a snapshot of the complete timeline, taken from ETH Vietnam’s official website. Take a glance.

Learn More

To know more about ETH Vietnam, check out the following links:

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