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Crowd Fund Junction
3 min readMar 15, 2022
Community and Influencer Driven NFT Venture Capital

CFJ is dedicated to seeking out innovative early-stage blockchain startups to help accelerate their growth while providing long-term support from an existing network of knowledgeable professionals. In addition, we have worked tirelessly to create a strong incentivized community of our own that can be leveraged by our partners and clients.

We do so driven by a mission of equality: Most retail investors do not often have access to private offerings which can create friction and even resentment with early-stage funding entities, and their partners. At CFJ, we feel strongly that this approach is a mistake: Allowing retail access to private offerings is both beneficial and synchronous. It creates a more diverse cap table for projects and allows communities to get in on the ground floor to champion projects early, embodying the spirit of decentralization.

Projects are able to recruit from our highly vetted list of credible influencers and those influencers are able to engage their own communities to join along in bringing exciting projects to market with symmetric financial equality.

By pursuing alignment between Influencers and their audiences, a source of friction that resonates with many of the most popular key opinion leaders, we’re able to bypass any resentment that a lack of inclusion can cause. This ultimately translates to happier followers, better distributions, and cross-pollination of highly engaged advocates for your project.

By partnering with us, the community and KOL audience will be able to access private offerings without fees, resale hikes, or custodians. We connect all stakeholders directly to the project where they can participate with full compliance and no intermediary or additional costs. Influencers are allocated into rounds and ticket sizes based on their ability to nurture startups without leaving their followers behind.

We also recognize the pain points around project integrity in the blockchain space and have worked vehemently on procedures to combat fraud and misappropriation of funding. Our Founder, Kishor M, is an ex-hedge fund manager who worked in Silicon Valley and with Propine, a MAS regulated crypto custodian, hence we only participate in highly vetted crypto projects.

Community and influencer-centric organizations aren’t necessarily new to blockchain, but our model of cooperation definitely is. We create cohesiveness between influencers, their audiences, and the projects we aim to nurture.

For founders coming to market, we extend beyond this unique value proposition. We don’t simply provide projects with funding and influencers, we aim to be the most comprehensive entity in the digital asset space. We provide advisors who truly have their fingers on the beat of the evolving industry. Each advisor has significant experience with all facets of go-to-market and brings their own unique skill-sets, contacts, and experiences.

CFJ has created significant networks and relationships with the movers, shakers, and disruptors in the crypto industry such as MEXC Exchange, BitForex, Chainless Ventures, Bitrue, Lunapad, Babylons, Propine, Aurora Ventures, and Ranker Dao to name a few. Accordingly, we provide comprehensive resources for introductions to launchpads, exchanges, market-making partners, gaming guilds, community building, regulatory compliance, business development, legal partners, and more.

Our strength lies in engaging with our clients on a meaningful level, understanding their needs, and helping to pair them with optimized resources to ensure their success.

We connect good projects to our community. Join us to participate in vetted crypto projects private sale.

For more details visit our website www.crowfundjunction.com

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Crowd Fund Junction

CFJ is a Crypto Community and Influencer driven NFT Venture Capital. Join us to participate in early stage Crypto Projects